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Hey Vixen Girls!

Well, what a year it has been in bodyboarding. Plenty of ups and downs as sporting life always produces.
On the 2015 APB world tour we saw Canarian super grom Alexandra Rinder take out her second world title in a row. At just 17 it seems an almost unfathomable thing to achieve.
Huge congrats to the micro champion and just so pumped to see her inspiring groms around the world to work hard and go for their goals.

The highlight of the 2015 world tour was definitely the inclusion of a women’s division at Arica, Chile, one of the heaviest waves in the world. JESSICA_BECKER_ACC_DAY_6_APB_ARICA_CHILE_2015_JIMENEZ.CR2_S7A7237-1900x1267_c

I love seeing women’s bodyboarding in waves like this. The final was crazy, between Alex Rinder and former World Champion Isabela Sousa. Alex won it with a backflip.

They also added Nazare, possibly the most famous wave in Portugal right now as it holds waves up to 80ft waves.
For the women’s event, it was a conservative 2-3ft, but fun, and I really don’t think an 80ft wave would be much fun to compete in. Japan’s Ayaka Suzuki won it.


For me personally in 2015, I had a very quiet year of competing. I didn’t have funding to do the World Tour and so directed my attention to the Australian Tour, but then sadly there ended up being no Women’s Australian Tour contests held.

Mystics We did however get the opportunity to surf a women’s heat at the Mystics Pro in Kiama. I love Mystics, as it’s a perfect wedging beach break, amazing for bodyboarding. It is also the place I broke my neck and back in 2014. It felt surreal to return there, but also amazing to face it again. Conditions were a bit messy for us, but fun to be in the water with the girls again. I found a couple of ok ones, and even managed an ‘old school’ take-off roll into a decent wave. I was stoked to come away with the win there!

I also competed in the fun community based event, The Central Coast Beach Fest, and came away with another win. Woo! I just love pushing myself with competition and also it’s such a great excuse to enjoy waves ith friends.


IN 2015 I was quite aware that bodyboarding (for both men and women) was having a bit of a rough patch, lower numbers competing and in the water. So I put my focus to creating a business to help build the sport up again. I launched The Bodyboarding Academy in Cronulla in September 2015, with focus on private and small group training.
I’m now coaching such a wide range of people, I’m loving it! From little 7 year old girls looking to get confidence in the sea and have fun on their boogie, to developing teens and adults that want to refine their skill sets and learn contest strategies, to older ladies and gents who want to have a laugh in the sea with friends. I’m enjoying every minute of it and I feel like the community is really appreciating it here in Cronulla.  Mermaids

In 2016 The Bodyboarding Academy and chasing waves will be my main focus, but I haven’t put the thought of competing on the world tour out of my head for the future. I’m waiting and watching to see the tour return stronger for the women, and especially want to see more venues for women held in better waves with better coverage and support. I can see the APB is working on that and the future is looking strong.
The 2016 APB Women’s World Tour will be stopping in Chile, Japan, Portugal and Puerto Rico. And they are hoping to have a return for Pipeline and Teahupoo in 2017 (I’ll be waiting and preparing for then!).

DCIM101GOPROG0949425.Any girls or guys keen to give bodyboarding a go, be sure to contact me. It’s seriously the best fun you will ever having laying down (haha jokes)! But honestly, you will love it. The ocean is just an incredible place to enjoy.

My website is now up:

Thanks Vixen Ladies, and don’t forget to keep supporting each other, in your own sport and other sports. Keep liking and sharing the love!

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Hey guys!


Sorry I’ve been a little slow between posts for VixenSports! I’m so slack!! I’ve definitely been enjoying keeping up on all the news from the other girls on here. It’s awesome! I even made it out to watch Canberra United (Soccer) and the University of Canberra Capitals (Basketball) play their respective games a few months ago. It was so exciting! I really have to remind you all to try and get out to any women’s games (whatever sports) as much as you can. Show some support and enjoy! It’s seriously so entertaining being there in person. Nothing beats that energyof being amongst the crowd and cheering for your team.


So, in women’s bodyboarding, we had a bit of a weird end to the World Tour in 2014. We ended up with just the three contests on the Women’s Tour; Pipeline (Hawaii), Antofagast (Chile) and Sintra (Portugal).

My result on tour wasn’t too bad for 2014. I was super stoked with that win at Pipeline. It was an absolute dream come true after 15 years of competing there. My first win! And that win obviously put me in the lead on the world tour rankings (another first!).

Not long after returning home from Hawaii in March, I had a freakish accident, suffering a broken back and neck (process fracture to the C5 and compression fractures from T1 to T6). Thankfully no surgery required, just a bit of a scare and four months of rest and recovery. Still feeling incredibly lucky for being able to make a good recovery and for the incredible help and kind words from everyone, even strangers! I’m really so thankful for that support.

After good rest, good nutrition and slowly increasing my movements and training, I was able to return for the second contest on tour in August, at the Antofagasta Pro in Chile, where I finished in 9th. I actually left booking my ticket until the last minute, when I saw that the swell wouldn’t be too big and rough for my injury! That lucky result put me at number two on the tour rankings. Looking back, I was really just so ridiculously stoked to be well and able to compete again and see everyone. Life is crazy sometimes!!


The women’s world tour ended abruptly in 2014. I was pretty devastated to miss the final event, which was in Sintra, Portugal, in September. Long story short, essentially I was told on the day that Sintra started, that this would be the final contest of 2014 and that I had a shot at the World Title. I was at home, in the middle of moving house when the event kicked off.
I hadn’t already booked my ticket because I was previously told there were multiple events remaining on tour and I knew I didn’t have the money to do them all and fight for the title. It was a bit of a bummer to end the tour that way for myself, but I was excited for the new World Champion, 16 year old Alexandra Rinder from Canary Islands. The girl surfs amazing! And what an achievement, world champ at just 16! I was happy for her. She really deserved it. Despite missing the last event, I finished 8th in the world, so I’m pretty stoked with that result in the end!

I had a lot of ups and downs in 2014 and ultimately I’m thankful for everything I went through and everything that I achieved and learnt. What a year it was!!

For 2015, The World Tour is looking a little uncertain so far, so we’ll see how that pans out. I’m hoping Teahupoo (Tahiti) is confirmed and includes women. That would be incredible to compete there!

The latest good news is the Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) has included a women’s division at all four epic venues for 2015. Four wedging beach breaks that are purpose built for bodyboarding!
Comp 1 – Good Earth Pro Mandurah WA, March 20th, 21st, 22nd.
Comp 2 – NMD Pro Dbah QLD, April 10th, 11th, 12th.
Comp 3 – Knight Pro SA, May 22nd, 23rd, 24th.
Comp 4 – Pride Pro Mystics NSW, June 19th, 20th, 21st.

I’m hoping to be able to make it to all these events, or at least comp two and four. Most of all, I’m hoping to see some new and old girls getting into these events too!

I keep my instagram and Facebook page pretty regularly with pics and news, so head to @lillypollard on Instagram and “Lilly Pollard Bodyboarder” on Facebook for more. Feel free to shoot me a message if you or anyoneyou know is keen to try bodyboarding or get into competitions. It’s so much fun, I’d be happy to help out!

Thanks Guys!

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Hey guys, just a little update on what’s happening in Women’s Bodyboarding.

On the 2014 APB Women’s World Tour of Bodyboarding, we’ve only had the one contest so far. The Pipeline Pro, in Hawaii in February.
I’m still feeling super stoked with my win, I love Pipe! It was definitely my lucky day!

Contest highlights can be viewed here:
Top four placings:

1st: Lilly Pollard (Australia)
2nd: Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands)
3rd: Jessica Becker (Brazil)
4th: Emma Cobb (Australia)


The latest world tour calendar has just been released but the events are yet to be fully confirmed.

So, the rest of the tour is actually looking pretty awesome for women’s bodyboarding. In the past, we have been stuck with events at pretty weak, powerless and small waves, locations that I believe make bodyboarding look terrible and is boring for spectators to watch. This year it’s looking pretty great. We’ve already had Pipeline, and the next couple of events are at decent heavy waves. Heavy is what makes bodyboarding look good, it’s where our sport stands out!

The next event at Itacoatiara in Brazil is an amazing, crazy, powerful beach break that holds 20ft plus swells, and even at 2ft it packs a punch. This is the first year the women will be held at this location.


Then afterwards we have Antofagasta once again in Chile. This is a pretty sick left hand reef break, made even heavier by the cold, powerful swells that flow in here.

The remaining events in Portugal and Venezuela are regular events on tour that are generally held in fun beachbreaks, and if we get the right swells, can produce some punchy barreling waves.


So basically, it’s looking like a good mix of waves for the remaining events on tour and it will be epic to see how hard the girls will be pushing it. From what I’ve been seeing online, the girls have all been training hard these past few months.
In my opinion, the current world champ, Isabela Sousa from Brazil, is definitely the one to beat. She had really bad luck in her quarter final heat at Pipeline and was a surprise early knockout, but with numerous events remaining she can still come back for another title. Look her up on youtube, she’s strong, fast and super technical.


The other girls I really think can be a big threat is Jessica Becker (former world no.2) who is back with a vengeance from a couple of years off competing, and also the young guns, Sari Oohara from Japan and Alexandra Rinder from Canary Islands.
Personally, I have to admit, I’m not feeling confident to make it to the remaining events on the WWT. Itacoatiara is a very powerful wave and recovering from a broken back and neck, I have been advised it’s a little risky to push myself into such a wave without being 100%. I may consider the other locations if I feel truly fit and ready, so I will reassess my situation in a couple of month’s time. If I didn’t win Pipe I wouldnt even consider finishing the World Tour this year after breaking my back and neck, but a small part of me keeps reminding me that maybe this could be my year for the win…. I’m keeping my mind open and currently doing everything I can to be fit, so we’ll see…

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I’m 33 years old and have been coming to Hawaii almost every single year since I turned 18. The Pipe contest has been the one event I’ve most treasured and most wanted to win in all my life. And yep, i can’t believe it has finally happened! I was laughing and crying all at once. It really was simply my lucky day today, the right waves came to me when I needed them and I just had so much fun out there! I know that this event could have been anyone’s, the girls are ripping, so I’m just so thankful to be here and so freaking happy right now! I have so many wonderful people I wanna thank for their support, you know who you are. If anyone feels like joining me, I’ll be drinking a couple of beers and watching the sunset in the north-eastern corner of Sunset Beach from about 6pm (just in front of the place where the tourists jump off the bus and stand around waiting to get run over by bicycles). Wow, I just won pipe!! 

Lilly Pipe

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Great music on the video by Bec Sandridge – Over the sea


For detailed information about the IBA world tour, please click here