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World Surf League – My time on tour.

I just returned from my first few WSL events in Europe in about 8 years. I got my annual holidays from work and straight after my 24 hour shift I made my way to Sydney airport and flew to France. Although it took 36 hours and 4 separate flights I enjoyed flying by myself, dreaming of surfing and waves and feeling good about all the preparation I had done to get myself there.

The first week and a half I spent in Biarritz in France, the competition didn’t start until 5 days into my stay so it gave me chance to settle into my accommodation, get over the jetlag and get a few waves under my belt. Also to try a few sneaky pastries.

IMG_6283 IMG_6361

The first event, the Anglet Pro in France I held my first throughout the whole heat until the last 3 minutes and lost my priority and so had to let the wave of the heat go and ended up finishing 3rd. Although it wasn’t the result I wanted I was happy my body and surfing was feeling strong an I felt mentally ready.

I got to watch the rest of the event and enjoyed pumping waves for the rest of the week in the French Summer. The Australian boys I travel with did really well and it was good to sit and learn how people surf 4 man priority heats.

After the french event, we packed the hire car with 5 board bags and all our gear and drove 5 hours across the boarder to Pantin in Spain. The surf there was a lot smaller and we were back into steamers. But I do find the culture and people of Spain a lot more welcoming and I always feel so comfortable there.

DCIM100GOPRO photo 1 (1)

When the event started the next day I got to surf and had such a strong opening heat. I really stuck to my plan and just used my priority to get the 2 best waves of the heats and move through to the 4th round. In my next I had WCT competitor Malia Manuel. I went out feeling confident and was controlling the heat and leading but made a vital mistake and let priority go and ended up loosing to Malia. Although I felt good again about my experience.

I was able to spend the rest of the event watching all the heats and learning what the top girls were doing to get through. I also watched all of the Australians finish up, with Phillipa Anderson finishing 3rd in the event. The winner Chelsea Tauch also qualified for the WCT next year by winning and I happened to be the one who chaired her up the beach in surfing event tradition.

pantin chair up photo 2 (1)

It ended up a great event and the following day the Aussie boys and I made our journey back to France to start the 36 hour mission home, in which I was strip searched for explosives, helped revive a lady mid flight and eventually landed home to meet my beautiful partner with flowers and an Australian breakfast.

It’s always good to be home, and now I’m straight back into training, work and my sights are set on the 2016 WSL tour.