Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Well hello everyone, its been a little while since you have all heard from me, but here i am.

A lot has been happening lately, good and bad, but hey thats life and they do say you have to take the bad with the good.

I got announced back into the Opals squad a few moths ago. Something that was very exciting for me as i hadn’t worn the green and gold for a while, and to be honest ,the last time i did wear the green and gold it wasn’t such an enjoyable experience. So it was exciting times, a new coach, some new faces in the squad and just a whole new fresh environment, which everyone had openly said they were excited about especially after the disappointing result in Rio.
The first thing was a camp in Phoenix, which was great. Sandy has put together an exceptional coaching staff, and they all bring different things, but it was such an enjoyable experience with a lot of learning and positivity. I went into camp with two sore ankles though. One that i had injured in France 7 months ago and it still hasn’t healed and then one which i had just rolled right before i came into camp.
The physio and coaches managed me appropriately which was great, and i got through most of the camp, not all sessions but most. At the end of the camp, the coaching staff announced a 12 player team to head to India 10 days later, to compete in the Asia Cup. I was lucky enough to be named in this team, and was really looking forward to the fresh start with the opals.
The physio had organized an appointment with a doctor at the AIS on my return, so i went to this appointment thinking maybe ill get a cortisone injection and he’ll send me on my way, but instead he sent me off for an MRI.
I went back later that afternoon to review the results with the doctor, and that is when i received the bad news. I cant quite tell you what is wrong with my ankle because the list was long but he sent me off to see a surgeon. I saw the surgeon, he was lovey and he got me in for surgery 5 days later, which is tomorrow here in Canberra.

It was such an emotional day for me. I think the biggest thing was i really didn’t think my ankle was that bad, and i honestly thought i would be fine. I had been running around getting a new passport, and my visa sorted for the upcoming trip to India and the to get this kind of news, it just really blindsided me.
Yes i was in pain, and i did struggle some days throughout the 10 day camp, but as athletes a lot of us are always in some kind of pain and it does become normal. I had so many thoughts running through my head……
I came to terms with it all pretty quick. From the medical advice i was given, it would have been silly of me to go against what they thought was best for me, and at the end of the day they have the athletes best interest in place, so surgery as soon as possible was the best thing for me, for my ankle and for my career.
So i have surgery tomorrow on my ankle and then the road to recovery and lots of rehab is what life is looking like for me for a while, oh and somewhere in the middle of that, i will be moving to Adelaide. I have signed to play with Adelaide Lightning for the upcoming WNBL season. Something i am really looking forward to because SA is home for me. I have grandparents that live just out of Adelaide on a farm, i have friends from the country where i grew up and i also have friends in Adelaide where i went to school. So for Zala and i, this was a great situation for us both, to head back to where it all began and to give back to SA basketball whilst enjoying reconnecting with friends and also spending more time with family.

I dont really have any other news for you. I think this is enough for now. But i am wishing the Opals girls all the best over in India. I will be watching closely from the couch and cheering the girls on.
I shall be back soon to update you all on everything.

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