Sunday, February 25, 2018

VixenSports and Hockey

Hockeyroos year so far!

It has been a while since I last blogged for VixenSports because the Olympic year is upon us and it is as crazy as ever!

Our first tournament of the year was in Singapore. We are extremely lucky to be sponsored by The Project Group this year- A company based in Singapore and run by hockey enthusiast and business man Paul Rim. Paul single handedly brought three teams to Singapore for a tri nations tournament so that the Singaporean national players could witness international hockey. The average age of the Singapore team is 19 and they rarely play top tier teams because they do not have the depth or opportunity that other nations such as Australia have to play hockey. It was very generous of Paul to give these girls an opportunity to be liaisons for the tournament as well as looking after all three teams at once. On this tour the team and I were filmed by Red Bull who will be putting out an editorial piece on what it is like to be a Hockeyroo, I cannot wait to share with everyone what the final product will be.


Since then we have had a series against Great Britain where we rolled our whole squad through and still won the series, despite the inexperience of many. We played a few of these games in Bunbury, just south of Perth. It is so nice to go to more regional areas as we get a huge response from the community and great crowds.


China is here next week and the week after that a team will be selected for New Zealand. This will be when the squad is narrowed leading into the Olympics and a crucial time for everyone. As I said it is a huge year with lots of pressure for all positions, but this is expected if you are training for a gold medal.

This weekend I am off to the Nike NTC tour in Sydney where I will be training with hundreds of girls to get fit and active. From here I will head to the Formula 1 other Red Bull athletes before being back in Perth for training Monday. Crazy, stressful, and fun times ahead. Follow the Hockeyroos journey and myself via social media!