Sunday, February 25, 2018

VixenSports and Softball.

Wow! What a way to finish the summer with Olympia Haarlem, in The Netherlands Professional League. This weekend we competed in the championship series to fight for the Dutch National Championship. Last weekend we played off against the top for teams in the league, placing first. This weekend we took on Sparks Haarlem in a best of threes series. We won the first game 4-0 with good team hitting with the back up of a solid defense.

Being one game up, we had the advantage for Sunday, going into the first game knowing we had two chances at the win. The second game was close, each team battling each out. My team Olympia managed to produce a one run lead early in the game and were able to hold Sparks to zero, and later scoring a second run to lengthen the lead.

We were able to hold Sparks and win in the seventh 2-0 and take the win. So much excitement with the last out of the game, then going into the award ceremony, followed by a dutch celebration. This is Olympia’s first National Title in the Dutch Golden League. I received the MVP award of the Dutch Championship Series. It was such a fun league to play in and I feel honored to be apart of this achievement and a large club that is run so well, with great people that made me feel so welcome. I hope to return to play for Olympia again one day and continue to help contribute to such a great club. We we, OLYMPIA!

Going from one summer to another, I’m headed back home and looking forward to playing the Aussie and New Zealand season.