Friday, September 22, 2017

VixenSports and Softball.

The 2017 NPF season has come to an end. My team Chicago Bandits finished in the top four to make play offs and unfortunately lost the first semi final 2 games to 0. My time with the Chicago Bandits was one in a million. I loved every minute on and off the field. Being amongst so many elite athletes pushed me to learn and be better each day. I am forever thankful for the new friendships and to the Bandits and the City of Rosemont for the experience. The best part about playing in with the Bandits was being apart of a team with not just talent but with people that share the same passion and competitive spirit for the game that I love.
From Chicago, I flew directly to Takasaki, Japan along with five other Aussie Bandits to meet up with the Australian Squad for the Japan Cup where the top four rank teams competed. USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.
Currently ranked fourth in world ranking, our team goal was to compete with the best and finish at least with a podium finish, top three.
We had good games throughout, with a loss 6-5 in extra innings to USA, a respectable 3-0 loss to Japan, and two wins against Canada which got us through to finish in third place. From this, we know what is working for us as a Squad and what more we can do to continue improving. It is exciting to see our progress over the last twelve months and even more motivating to continue from here.
After the Japan Cup, I flew straight from Tokyo to Amsterdam where I rejoined my Dutch team, Haarlem Olympia to play the last round games and the national league finals. While I was away, Olympia competed in the European Winners Cup where they won first place and are now back to back champions. I’m pumped to be back and contribute to such a solid team and family like club. We we, Olympia!!!