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Join VixenSports as we follow Chloe Mills in the action packed sport of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding has an exciting young competitor in Chloe Mills and you can follow her journey right here.

VixenSports will keep you updated with results, upcoming events and more!


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State titles was held at Eildon on Saturday, to qualify for nationals you have to compete in state titles. The event was towed by my sponsor nautique boats so I was very comfortable with the wake. I took home first place!

I can’t wait to compete in the massive event called moomba, also towed by nautique, next Friday-Monday on the Yarra river in Melbourne!

I then head straight to Perth on Thursday for the World Cup action sports games!


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The Australia Day weekend is always something to look forward to as a competitive wakeboarder. It is the date for the Wakeboard Australian Open, where all the top Aussie riders and quite a few international riders get to compete against each other with the winner crowned the Australian Open Champion. The age divisions range from under 9 through to Pro open men and Pro women.


I competed in the Pro women division for the very first time at  the Australian Open back in 2011. It was the Australian Open where Bli Bli in Queensland was the venue, I was 13 years old and had my first win in the Pro open division.

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For the 2014 Australia Day weekend, the Australian Open was held on the Hawksberry River in Windsor, Sydney. It was a hot day but a little windy. The competition was very tough in many divisions and due to the large entry numbers, my first heat wasn’t til after lunch.

IMG_3371 IMG_3298

The Pro women final was the second last event of the day and the conditions were a little tough, but it is the same for the other competitors. I managed to do 4 different inverts, grabbing each trick, and a spin to complete my first pass. My second pass, I mixed it up with inverts, spins and a big bat wing glide. I was pretty happy with my pass, as were the judges, as I ended up winning the Pro women division.  It was great because VixenSports came to the event for the day and took some great photos. Much appreciated, thank you for your support VixenSports.

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I have got some very big tournaments coming up before I have to leave to go back to America for the U.S wakeboard pro season. My first comp in Orlando Florida is on April 23rd.



Chloe wakeboarding edit… must watch

Orlando, Florida….Must view, edit by Chloe

2012 Australian summer short edit


Chloe Mills is proudly sponsored by Skiforce Australia,  Jobe Wakeboards, Intensity, Roxy/Quiksilver, DC, Nautique and Mulwala Water Ski Club

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